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Full extraction cleaning

Full extraction carpet cleaning or hot water extraction is essential for the carpet that receives highest foot traffic, like office space, malls, living room, dining, kitchen and any place with maximum usage. It is the most effectual process to clean your carpets along with high pressured equipment and an accurate mixture of cleaning products. The soil, dirt, grime and debris, seen and even unseen, all are loosened and washed from your carpet through this method. You can do full extraction cleaning by buying necessary types of equipment from the market and apply them at your home. But professional cleaners can do it much efficiently as they know the quantity of the mixture and they carry powerful machines to wash your carpet properly. Without leaving behind any residue on your carpet fabric, full extraction cleaning is the best way to have deep cleaning your soiled carpet.

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Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction or HWE is the most effective technique to clean your carpet. This method basically includes an industry-standard machine to inject hot water under high pressure into the treated fabric. Gentle detergents are mixed with this water and then made hot in the water chamber of the machine. All the products used in this method are child-friendly and eco-friendly. By injecting hot water into the spotted fabric of the carpet makes cleaning the dirt particles of the carpet easily. A type of chemical is also used to soften up and decrease the soil. And in the end, the carpet is extracted and thoroughly rinsed. It takes usually 6 to 10 hours or 24 hours to dry out and to come in a normal usable situation.

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Low moisture cleaning

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning is a newer method of cleaning. This process includes vacuuming to loosen all the debris, dirt and soil, lightly steamed up with gentle disinfectant and cleaner, gently scrubbing the carpet fibres with an orbital carpet cleaning machine and lifting your carpet’s fibres to the upright position by raking it.

After vacuuming the upper-level debris off your carpet, hospital standard cleaner is misted with the fabric and left over for a few minutes. If the stain is hard, cleaners may use a little elbow grease and a special cleaner formula. In this method, agents use a special cotton cleaning pad outfitted orbital carpet cleaning machine that ensures cleaning the carpet fibres from different directions. Sometimes, high traffic areas of your carpet results in matted down which can be again lifted to the upright position through this Low Moisture Cleaning process.

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