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Usually, this depends on the moistness, air circulation and temperature of your room. Although you can walk on it after cleaning, it would just feel slightly damp if you touch it. Based on the seasonal time of the year you’re about to clean your carpet, it might take up to 24 hours to dry completely. Generally, most of the carpets get dry and ready to use for all purpose in just 6 to 8 hours.  To dry it faster, you can run on the ceiling fan or ventilate the room by opening windows or in the cold season increase your room temperature up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In this way, your carpet will dry easily and faster.

Steam and dry cleaning involve distinguishing processes. Another name of steam cleaning is hot water cleaning that includes cleaning your carpet by injecting hot water under high pressure into it and then extracting the water out. While extracting the water out soil and dirt are also extracted from the carpet. On the other hand, in dry cleaning method includes injecting chemical and then scrubbing the carpet with a pad. The dirt usually came out with the pad or it takes the form of crystals when the chemical dries and easily can be vacuumed to take out.

Both of these methods are very effective. Generally, you do dry cleaning if your carpet needs an instant and light cleaning as it takes less time to get it done. When your carpet needs deep and strong cleaning, despite taking much time to dry out, you should go for steam cleaning or hot water extraction.  

Definitely selecting the right cleaning method or product on the right time can help cleaning all stains.  Sometimes, if you don’t know the accurate method to remove the stain out then it is much difficult to solve. However, this actually depends on how long you’ve left the stain. If you try to remove the stain immediately after, it would be easier to remove out as first it sits on the fabric surface and takes time to affect the fabric. But as time passes, the stain is sat in the depth. Another point is some stains are so stubborn and it is really difficult to remove that from delicate fabric. For these reasons, though you try different methods, this gets more challenging and even sometimes impossible to remove stains.

There might be some causes behind the reappearing of the spots that you’ve cleaned recently. Though you have done professional cleaning, residues of the products used for removing the original spot can still be there on the carpet fabric. It becomes sticky that attracts soil and dirt if not rinsed properly which in result looks like the spot has come back.

Wicking is another cause of the returning of the spot. Sometimes your carpet fabric soaks up substances from spilt products for cleaning and that can be absorbed in the backing or even under the pad and after washing the surface this makes way up to the fibre strands. Basically, this happens when you keep your carpet wet and damp after cleaning by hot water extraction.

You can easily prevent the spot coming back by cleaning your carpet properly and as instant as possible when the stain occurs.

If your carpet doesn’t have rigid padding then steam cleaning can cause infiltration to the hardwood floors. As you know, steam cleaning involves hot water extraction which causes the pad or hardwood floors under the carpet to get wet. Though this is safe for the hardwood longtime being wet can cause penetration. This will result in a damaged floor. So you must have a rugged pad under your carpet which will keep the hardwood floor protected as it may get wet while deep cleaning your carpet.

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