5 dangers of DIY Carpet Cleaning

The Menace of DIY Carpet Cleaning

The best way of maintaining the originality of any products depends upon how you are handling it. But sometimes it appears that despite your best effort the outcome is disappointing. Well, it may leave you with the only choice of hiring a professional to deal with the servicing but then there is a cost factor that is probably reeling in your head to count on them. So when it’s about DIY carpet cleaning there are certain things that need to be considered before getting into the task.

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The common dangers that are involved in DIY carpet cleaning involve –

  • Discoloration
  • Dampness
  • Unpleasant Odor
  • Build up of Mould
  • More susceptible to strain/soil


There are several types of technique for cleaning different types of strains and it also involves applying right detergent or solutions that can clean your carpet without discoloration. But using the wrong technique and wrong cleaning product or applying of too much product for too long or too little period can discolor your carpet or to the worst extent, it can leave behind patches of discoloration dotting on your lovely carpet. Moreover using too much water severely can wash away the color of your carpet permanently. This can also be termed over wetting.


This is another problem of DIY carpet cleaning that occurs due to the incorrect application of cleaning products and techniques or when you end up leaving your carpet for several days. It is very difficult to get rid of the dampness as turning up the heating becomes sometimes ineffective on the dampness of the carpet. Moreover, the dampness may cause irreparable damage to the flooring underneath therefore the best solution is cleaning once in a while with proper technique and solution or contact a professional carpet cleaner.

Unpleasant Odor

The unpleasant odor from your carpet may rise if the carpet dampens for several days or if an incorrect cleaning product is used for cleaning carpets. If proper steps were not followed during the cleaning of the carpet then the foul smell rising from it can encapsulate the room and disturb the comfortable.

Build up of Mold

The build-up of mold is common if a carpet dampens for several days and no adequate actions were taken. The best way to get rid of mold in the carpet is by taking proper care to the carpet and washing it once in a while to protect it from dampens. It should be remembered that once mold started growing it is very difficult for a DIY carpet cleaner to clean them even with a carpet cleaning machine.

More susceptible to stain/soil

This is mainly caused by high residue content of detergent left behind. Sometimes it happens that when you clean the carpet by yourself may leave the cleaning product on the surface which can lead to a much quicker build of dirt and bacteria. This may leave the carpet more susceptible to soil and strains in contact from spills left behind.

   Apart from the dangers discussed above, there are other dangers of DIY carpet cleaning like overdoing the cleaning procedure, overuse of deodorizers, improper use of equipment. Moreover, you should also remember that not all carpets are the same therefore know the correct technique and procedures before applying the same on your carpet.

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