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For a long time, we’re giving the service of carpet cleaning in Dayton Ohio. Our service is not only limited in carpet cleaning, but we also have some services to keep your home refreshingly clean. We are highly dedicated to our work and to serve you the best quality of our service.

As we are giving carpet cleaning services in Dayton Ohio, our cleaning company is considered as one of the best professional carpet cleaning companies in Dayton Ohio. However, we often use crafting proven methods for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning and much more. We use high-quality American cleaning equipment to provide every family the peace of mind that comes from a refreshingly cleaned home.

We are almost like an assurance of your healthier home and safety and there’s no other carpet cleaning service available in Dayton Ohio who can offer you quality cleaning as we do at such low cost.

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Main Aspects of our Carpet Cleaning Service

Master-class equipment and result

At the time of cleaning your carpet, we use hot water extraction process to clean the carpet properly and not leaving a single piece of defect. This way helps us to gain the maximum quality result and maintain our standard.

Carefully removing allergens and dirt from your carpet

To do this, the EPA safer choice solution for cleaning helps us very much. We extract allergens, stains, and dirt with this method.

Fast and quick carpet drying

Like other carpet cleaning services, we don’t take days to make your carpets dry. The carpet cleaning equipment we use pulls off almost 85% of the moisture of your carpet and leaves a fresh and hygienic carpet for you to use within a few hours.

Extras of Carpet Cleaning

Beside of carpet cleaning we provide sensitization and deodorization. These extras are included in our healthy home packages.

Neutralization of odors

From pets, kids, or from foods your home might be filled with odors. That’s why we apply deodorization to remove such odors from your carpet fiber.

Removal of allergens and bacteria

The sensitization helps a lot to remove such things like bacteria and allergens. This helps your carpet to remain healthy.

The fresh and natural environment for your home

The deodorization process leaves your carpet smelling clean and fresh. It’s almost like a renewal of your home.

What Is Our Specialty?


Our cleaning methods dive deep inside your carpet and clean it from the scratch step by step to assure that there is no doubt left in you about our cleaning quality.


The drying equipment we use will make your carpet dry within a few hours and you don’t have to wait the whole day.


With the allergy and asthma friendly cleaning, your carpets are healthier. Our cleaning methods penetrate your carpets very deep and leave nothing to worry about your health issue.

Our Recent Projects​

What makes our service different?

The thing that makes our carpet cleaning service different is we don’t only clean but also protect. Things may go wrong when you’re dealing with fiber-based things. That’s why we’re here. Let’s discuss some of the tasks we do when we’re cleaning.

Power Guard Protection

This protestant we apply works great with solution dyed carpets. It makes the stain resisting powers of your carpet strong and gives a peace of mind.

Repel Protection

This protectant we provide works great with almost every kind of carpets by placing a shield around the fibers.

Wool Protection

This wool protestant we apply is basically a water-based solution designed to increase the stain resistance of rugs and wool carpets. Besides, it stops stains by defending against liquid spills.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Allergy And Asthma Friendly Cleaning

We clean according to asthma and allergy foundation of the US. The fact is, a clean carpet may give you the pleasure and a better experience but if the cleaning is not at the appropriate way or it’s not allergy friendly, there’s a high chance you’re putting yourself in danger. Our customers appreciate us because we remove almost 95% of allergens hiding in your carpet.

100% Safe And Effective Cleaning Service

Our service is totally safe for your pets and kids. We do hot water extraction process to clean your home properly. There’s no chance of harm by our service.

Expert Pro Level Technicians

Our service providers are highly professional and well trained to give their best at every task. Besides, we don’t keep subcontracted technicians and they are all background checked.